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Ceramic Coats

We are proud users of Onyx Coating & Menzerna Polishing .  High-Gloss & Super Silky Ceramic Car Coating with Long Lasting Results. Smooth Touch With Superior Protection.

Window Tint

LLumar® automotive window tint does a lot more than just give glass a sleek, custom look. The benefits are truly impressive. We use a variety of technologies to fight the sun’s undesirable side effects: AC that can’t keep up, scorching hot surfaces, eye-irritating glare, and harmful UV ray exposure. Explore our ceramic, metallized, dyed and clear tint options to find the product that’s right for you. 

Collision Repair

Get your Fast & Free Collision Repair Estimates. With over 20 years of experience. 
Schedule your GLOSS | RX visit to get the prescription your vehicle needs.

Window Tinting

Features a metallized layer to fight heat, glare, and harmful UV rays. This gives your windows a slightly shiny, reflective look.

Ceramic auto tint has powerful nano-ceramic design that targets heat-generating infrared rays to help cool down your car more quickly.

Collision Repair

Get your Fast & Free Collision Repair Estimates. With over 20 years of experience.

– Determine if your damage exceeds your deductible
– Asses all levels of damage, from scratches to collision
– Schedule your GLOSS | RX visit to get the pro service your vehicle needs.

Ceramic Coating

Enhance the reflective properties of a car´s paint by adding a smooth, deep shine and glossy finish. Achieve a hydrophobic surface which guarantees resistance towards chemicals, scratches, pollutants, oxidation, corrosion and UV ray with just one application.

Featured Work

“Brought my BMW M series in for a Ceramic Coating treatment loved, I was amazed at the detailed process definitely worth it by far! ”


“I went to get my car painted and WOW my mind blown on how it came out 😍 I have received many compliments on it. thank u Gloss RX”


“Very nice staff and crew to deal with, great quality job with affordable prices! Will definitely be going back there in the future”


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Oil Change, Tints, Car Wash and Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Graphene Coating, Full Wraps, Full Paint Job, Auto Collision Repair, Restoration, Refinishing, Paint Correction, Custom Mods!

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